Busted Fender Blues Band

Busted Fender About
On The Booze
When You Got A Good Friend
Stormy Monday
Here are some tracks from Busted
When You Got A Good Friend - from:
Nothin’ But Trouble (1992)
On The Booze - from:
From Under The Covers (1994)
Stormy Monday - from:
Everybody Oughta Change (1989)
Texas Flood - from the Busted Fender
Live album “18/10” recorded 1991 at the
Boarhunt Blues Club.

All Busted Fender CDs available to buy and cost £5.00 each - please see the contact page for details. There will soon be a live Busted Fender recording available on CD, recorded back in 1991 at Fender’s support slot for the Doug Macleod Band at the Boarhunt Blues Club entitled “18/10” also £5.00. A track from this recording has been uploaded (Texas Flood) for all to listen to. Prices include postage and packing.

If you like what you hear here, why don’t you check out the music available from all the past members of Busted Fender. Please follow the links below.

Busted Fender 2007

Andy Mills - Drums, percussion, vocals, harmonica.  Tim Dunn - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin.  Kevin Brazier - Piano, Organ, Keyboards.  Tim Nowell - Bass Guitar, Double Bass.  Mick Arloe - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica.  Pete Turner - Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone.  Gordon Robinson - Bass Guitar.

Not on the featured albums - Andy Broad - guitar, vocals.  Ron Williams - Trumpet,  Richard Walker - Saxophone.

A special thank you to the following musicians and friends who helped Busted Fender down the years.   Allan Turner (for design of the Busted Fender logo), George Francis (on the drums when Andy was incapacitated),  Mark Smith (saxophone on  From Under The Covers),  Mash (guitar, deputising for Andy Broad),  Jamie (guitar, likewise),  Jock McKenzie (trumpet),  Neil Mercer (bass guitar at a gig that Tim Nowell couldn’t make),  Alan ‘Blackie’ Blackmore (drums at a gig  that Andy Mills couldn’t make),  wives and girlfriends of the band (Kathy, Maureen, Babs, Karen, Kirsten).  Cover girl Tina (From Under The Covers),  Mick Meach and Mick Johnson  (The Boarhunt Blues Club) and finally all the friends and followers of the band who made it all worthwhile.    

If music doesn’t play, click all five controls to activate, click all the stop buttons then click play on the desired track twice (not double click) until fast forward lights up and play is replaced by a pause  button.

Texas Flood