Tim Dunn

Born in Birmingham Tim Dunn originally picked up the guitar at 9 years old.His parents persuaded him to learn the Cello from the age of 10 and so Tim's early performances where in school Orchestra's as a Cellist. Tim's First rock band as Guitarist was at the age of 15 where he played in village halls around Brecon in South Wales. One of the first Gigs was at Bwlch village hall (famous for being unpronouncable!)


After leaving School Tim arrived in Portsmouth Hampshire and after a couple of bands joined the
progressive rock band Caricature with whome he stayed for seven years and recorded two album length cassettes of of original material.Caricature gigged along the southcoast but by 1985 Tim needed a change and after hearing Stevie Ray Vaughen decided to go in a more Blues oriented direction. Between 1985 and 1986 he was in Hold Back the tide which in 1986 became the Busted Fender Blues Band.

Tim Dunn was in the Busted Fender Blues Band from their creation through to 1994 and saw the best years of the band, during this period they released four albums , and gigged anywhere From Birmingham, London,Bristol Yoevil , Banbury etc covering all the Blues clubs and supporting all the acts coming to europe from the US, including Joe Louis Walker, John Campbell and home grown bands such as the Big Town Playboys and Dr Feelgood.

In 1994 Tim Dunn left Busted fender and after a brief stint in the Desparate Bicycles joined Pete Turners Step on the gas. Step On The Gas lasted until 2001 when Tim Dunn founded This way Up with Colin Hovie and Les Ayling.

Tim also can occasionally be seen playing with the reformed Caricature (once a year) and also playing in the USA with Maralee Marquette and the Xprofessionals